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2011: Our Road from Wellness to Healthcare
Posted: 1/4/2012 11:28:52 AM
by Amir Kishon, CEO | with 0 comments

Dear Friends and Family:


For Wellness Layers, 2011 was an expansion year in our core markets and a breakout year in healthcare.

In the last several years, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of high-touch, large customer portal solutions for the nation's leading wellness companies with clients such as Nutrisystem, Medifast, Vitacost, EHE International and others. 

About two years ago we set out to bring our Me-We-Info architecture and solutions to healthcare companies as well, which became a reality for us this year.


Some of our new notable healthcare implementations include the recently launched patient-centric hospital architecture and patient portal for PinnacleHealth, a member portal for Premera Blue Cross, to launch in 2012, and a renal disease patient portal for Davita, also to launch in 2012. Our original wellness markets showed strength as well and we continued to forge relationships with market-leading brands.  We launched member portals with Atkins, Sensa, Guiding Stars and Work Out World, all in 2011. This was also a "mobile" year and we introduced several web-mobile integrated solutions expanding our portfolio of mobile apps.


We closed 2011 with revenue momentum close to twice what we achieved in 2010 and with a much diversified solution portfolio for both healthcare and wellness companies. We look forward to the momentum propelling us forward in 2012 and reaching another record year. All in all, we hope the wind will continue to push vertical healthcare and wellness customer and patient portals forward.


We would like to wish all our friends and families a wonderful, successful and most importantly healthy 2012.


Be Well!

Dr. Amir Kishon, CEO

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