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Wellness Layers Revamps Atkins Website and Online Community
Posted: 1/6/2012 9:03:22 AM
by Olga Zakharenko, Digital Marketing Specialist | with 0 comments

Wellness Layers and Atkins, a low-carb weight loss program, launched a new website and member portal on December 20th.

The new site is fully customizable and creates a truly Atkins interactive diet and weight loss experience.


New features include an Atkins Net Carb Meal Planner, which integrates the Atkins diet approach, plan phases, 1,500 recipes and smart logic throughout the planner. Members are able to login and receive all of their Atkins diet plan guidance from one interactive source.


The site also boasts a new Atkins social network that offers personal pages, member blogs and the ability to create either private or public groups along with many other social features. The social layer also engages users with game dynamics offering 20 badges recognizing specific achievements. These features allow members with like-minded goals to come together and share their big Atkins milestones and accomplishments.


"Consumers today expect to have a true digital ecosystem that will support the brands that they consume. This is even more crucial with health and wellness brands like Atkins", said Amir Kishon, CEO of Wellness Layers, "We have developed the website to provide a powerful support layer that guides consumers towards the Atkins lifestyle as well as supports them with a strong Atkins social network. This drives consumer acquisition, satisfaction, adherence and retention which is a win-win for Atkins and its consumers".

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