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The Threefold Path to Patient Engagement: Part 5 - The Engagement Trinity
Posted: 11/10/2011 10:27:43 AM
by Amir Kishon, CEO | with 0 comments
As we all know, a good recipe requires having the right ingredients. However, it does not stop there. A good recipe is predicated on stirring the ingredients RIGHT. Thus, the Trinity is the culmination of all of the ingredients necessary to create an engaging online and mobile community. It consists of the right applications, the right social and the right content, and finally, we need to stir them right.

How do we combine the Engagement Trinity in a meaningful and cohesive way? The answer lies in the Wellness Layers Formula for Engagement: E= (Me+We+Info)2. The Me+We+Info is squared, which means that engagement is not just the sum of each component but that these components need to be integrated in a meaningful way with the other components. For example, when I achieve a specific health goal in my "Me" Layer, such information needs to crossfeed the "We" Layer and update my friends about my progress. Likewise, when I review my stats and charts, the "We" Layer crossfeeds such stats with statistics about how my friends and how the community members are doing compared to me (e.g., you exercise X times per week, which is better than the average Y times per week for your friends - bliss!!!!). This is not surprising, as mentioned before, the interplay between the Me-We-Info Layers is highly engaging given that we are referential by nature and gauge our success (or failure) by comparing ourselves to our friends.


So to sum it up, the Engagement Recipe is:


- Me
- We
- Info

- Make each component RIGHT
- Add all components
- Cross feed each component with the others meaningfully

Recipe Serves:
- Exponential amount of activity and users much more than expected

When this "recipe" is followed it will garner engagement and instantaneous, exponential growth. We have "cooked" many such sites and the old, faithful Me-We-Info never disappoints. To conclude I would like to share a case study and some expected results.

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