Merchavia Biotech Venture Fund Invests in Wellness Layers!

2017 was a phenomenal year for us with installations of our DIY Digital Therapeutics platform across the globe, serving many needs like management programs for Diabetes, DPP, Heart Health, HIV Medication Management, Oncology, Rehab, Employee Wellness and Weight Loss among many others. Some of those installations are with the world’s leading health stakeholders like Medtronic, IBM Watson, and AHA.

To fuel our growth in 2018 we have just closed an investment led by Merchavia, a public biotech Israeli venture group, and will enable us to grow our sales efforts and further invest in our platform to offer a one-stop shop for creating sophisticated white-label Digital Therapeutics programs.

RMDY + 02 Clinic at Hadassah Hospital are in the news!

Check out RMDY’s debut on Israel’s primary news channel!


Dr. Horesh from Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital shares with viewers how Remedy is helping him revolutionize the medical field. Dr. Horesh’s O2 Digital Center specializes in heart disease and chronic illness.

O2 Digital’s professional team provides 24-hour support for patients and is comprised of physiologists, nutritionists, physical therapists and personal coaches. The team reviews the data their patients report on the app and uses Remedy to detect changes in patient measurements for immediate intervention. Using Remedy, the O2 team can optimize patients’ medical treatment, nutrition and activity level as well as encourage behavioral changes.

Jill, a patient who underwent heart angioplasty a year ago, happily reports: “The app enables continuous follow up on a patient without them having to come in physically all the time [to the clinic].”

By seeing a patient’s real-time data and intervening, Dr. Horesh explains, “we can prevent the patient’s next heart attack.”

One of the world’s largest medical device companies launches RMDY to digitize its call centers and change the customer experience of its medical device users

A global medical device company launches Wellness Layer’s RMDY to digitize its medical device support call centers. Using RMDY customers can now access a digital program that includes educational material about their prescribed medical devices and easily consult with support reps through chat, voice and video calls. The medical device company has taken large strides to move with their customers into the digital space, and has selected RMDY to improve the experience of both its customers and support reps.




American Heart Association launches its RMDY-powered Heart and Stroke Patient Support Network and Patients Registry

AHA launches Wellness Layers’ Remedy to power both its Patients Support Network and Patient Registry. The Patient Support Network ( ) is a personalized community where patients can share their experiences with others, get answers to their questions from healthcare professionals, learn how to regain their independence, and talk to others in their forum. The Heart and Stroke Patient Registry ( allows community members to anonymously take surveys to help with Heart and Stroke research data and benefit the future of precision medicine.

Wellness Layers’ Remedy Achieves Groundbreaking Results in Medtronic’s Turning Point Diabetes Management Program

Wellness Layers’ RMDY is proud to be the Digital Therapeutics technology behind Turning Point, a digital diabetes management program developed by Medtronic. The program enables stakeholders to monitor patient adherence, give patients care instructions and digitally support their routines.

As reported by Medtronic, here, an initial Turning Point study showed groundbreaking results: in just the first three months, participants achieved an average reduction of 2% in A1C levels, with improvements observed across 83% of the participants.

Turning Point’s success reflects the importance and impact that Digital Therapeutics has in healthcare’s migration into the digital world. Patients use a Medtronic mobile app and are assigned a one-on-one health partner who guides them through doctor recommended care plans, monitors their progress, and provides real time intervention. Program participants sync their blood glucose device to Remedy’s mobile app, receive medication reminders, report daily activities and meals, enjoy personalized patient information and stay in continuous contact with their health coaches. Turning Point’s coaches can effectively track patient progress and communicate with patients using Remedy’s coaching platform.

“We are very proud of RMDY’s role in Turning Point’s extraordinary results,” gushed CEO Amir Kishon. “Our platform was designed for rapid and effective development of digital health programs and we are thrilled to see Remedy play a significant role in pushing Diabetes Care forward. We believe that Digital Therapeutics technologies should be readily available to anyone interested in caring for conditions and are looking forward to reaching more and more patients and care providers in 2017.”


Wellness Layers Launches Remedy, A New Cloud-Based Digital Therapeutics Platform

New Platform Simplifies the Creation of Digital Therapeutics Programs

On the eve of the Health 2.0 Fall Conference, Wellness Layers announces the launch of Remedy, its revamped and newly branded Digital Therapeutics Platform. The new platform aims to simplify the creation and dissemination of Digital Therapeutics programs for stakeholders across health and wellness.

“Developing Digital Therapeutics (DT) programs is widely considered to be expensive, time consuming and complex,” says Wellness Layers CEO, Amir Kishon “We decided to change that. Today we introduce a solution that allows practically anyone to rapidly, easily and cost effectively become a Digital Therapeutics Player.”

The cloud-based DT Platform can be white-labeled and tailored to address a range of needs, including condition management, behavior health, Medication Therapy Management (MTM), pre/post care, nutrition and fitness, employee wellness, medical device support and much more. The platform offers a complete digital framework for stakeholders to design their own programs and care plans, register their clinicians or coaches, and onboard patients immediately.

“We believe that there is a huge market of legacy stakeholders looking for a simple solution to bring their own clinical programs to the digital realm,” says Udi Goori, Chief Product Officer. “We created a simple Bring-Your-Own-Program, Bring-Your-Own-Clinician framework to address that, enabling complex programs to be scaled and rendered even more effectively.”

The web and mobile platform offers comprehensive Digital Therapeutics functionality. Clients can rapidly customize and launch DT programs using the robust Program Designer and Administrative Console. The platform enables clients to upload their own educational or media content, add trackers, sync wearables or medical devices, and create holistic care plans tailored to their users’ specific needs. The flexibility of the system and customization capabilities are practically endless.

On the user and clinician level, Remedy boasts an impressive array of tracking functionality for population and individual health management. This includes population health maps and alerts to guide coach interventions, as well as reports and longitudinal case management records for each user. Coaches can remind and motivate users to follow their care plans via push notifications and multi-channel messaging. Patients benefit from the consistent attention and clear care plan instructions.

Most noteworthy of Remedy’s new features is the addition of powerful chat, video and audio communication channels between users, guided groups and coaches. Patients now have 24/7 multi-channel access to their coach, leading to more precisely followed care plans and healthier decisions.


Today Remedy supports Digital Therapeutics projects for Medication Adherence, Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Management, Weight Loss and Employee Wellness. “We will be announcing additional relationships that focus on heart health, pain management and pregnancy in the coming months. We aim to continue expanding and to provide our clients with the best Digital Therapeutics technologies and ideas,” says Elad Levran, VP Clients at Wellness Layers.

Wellness Layers will be presenting a demo of Remedy at the Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara on Tuesday, September 26th as part of the Condition Management Session. Kishon hopes to utilize this opportunity to demonstrate the applicability and ease of DT for a range of health and wellness organizations.

“Digital Therapeutics should not be the coveted treasure of selected few digital players,” concludes Kishon. “We believe that digital capabilities should be provided to everyone. We aim to bring this comprehensive technology to the masses.”

We’d love to speak with you about how our Digital Therapeutics platform could improve your digital health and condition management programs. Get in touch with us and schedule a demo for more information! 


VillageCare Selects Wellness Layers as Partner in CMS Awarded Project

By Greg Slabodkin, as seen in Health Data Management.

7The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation has awarded $8.7 million to VillageCare, a New York City community-based, not-for-profit organization serving people with post-acute and chronic care, as well as rehabilitation needs, to help HIV/AIDS patients by providing a multi-layered and tailored intervention aimed at improving their medication adherence via a mobile medication planner, text reminders, social networking, peer mentoring, virtual support groups, and virtual access to health coaches.

Under the three-year project, called VillageCare Wellness Innovations, an integrated mobile web and app portal has been developed that includes a personal medication adherence plan, goals and mood tracking, an HIV/AIDS social support network, as well as video sessions and text messaging. The project, which “goes live” in April 2015, is part of a second round of CMMI Health Care Innovation Awards. The award is intended as a testing model of care delivery and payment that shows promise of improving medication adherence.

Ultimately, VillageCare will recruit 5,000 patients by working with providers and payers for referrals. The goal is to reduce total cost of care by improving treatment adherence. Targeted participants for the project include people who are living with HIV/AIDS in the New York City, Long Island and Westchester areas, are Medicaid or Medicare beneficiaries, and are prescribed HIV medications.

“VillageCare has a long history of working with this population and there’s a lot of internal expertise and knowledge about the barriers to adherence,” said Jessamine Buck, Program Director for VillageCare Wellness Innovations. Based on feedback from its staff, Buck said Wellness Innovations’ patient engagement platform incorporates different tools to address those barriers to medication adherence such as text message reminders.

“Some participants have very complicated treatment plans,” she added. “We often hear that they are not sure when to take their medication or they forget. They’re also not clear on which medications to take. The medication tracker and reminder service addresses both of those challenges.”

At the heart of the project is an emphasis on “patient activation” for people living with HIV/AIDS by enabling them to leverage professional and peer support that has the potential for overall health behavior change and medication compliance.

In addition, Buck said peer-to-peer mentoring and support group sessions will provide one-on-one encouragement and advice, creating a community of supporters “who are walking in the same shoes.” The project’s private social network allows participants to connect with others and build a community of support while still maintaining their privacy. The platform allows for both clinician and patient access, and customized and timely healthcare information and messages will be sent to patients through the portal.

“What we identified, surprisingly, is that this population is very well versed in technology,” said Ricardo Santiago, Chief Information Officer at VillageCare. “While they have smartphones and are very in tune with social platforms, such Facebook and Twitter, it wasn’t until we started investigating it for the grant that we learned they are very heavily reliant on technology and their preferred method of communicating is text messaging.”

Central Platform

Wellness Layers, a patient engagement digital health company, was selected by VillageCare to serve as a subcontractor for the CMMI-funded project to take VillageCare’s existing HIV/AIDS program—currently conducted in in-person group settings—and to bring that level of services into the digital realm so that it is “available anywhere, anytime.” Wellness Layers’ patent engagement platform is serving as the technology hub for Wellness Innovations. This single web and mobile platform combines an array of technology-enabled health supports that are securely and privately accessible via a website, mobile phone, and app.

“With this kind of peer mentorship and social motivation enabled by our platform, patients are no longer living in a silo but are part of an integrated system,” said Amir Kishon, CEO of Wellness Layers, which provides social web and mobile digital health solutions for organizations across health and wellness. At the same time, Kishon argues that because Wellness Innovations leverages mobile phones, it creates a simplified environment for patient engagement that is easy for users to navigate. Mobile apps for iPhone and Android are built in native and the Wellness Innovations platform can also be accessed on a web or mobile browser.

“The goal is to centralize the patient experience within Wellness Layers,” added Santiago, who said the project’s mobile participants use their own phones and that the platform is “carrier as well as device agnostic.”

Emma DeVito, Chief Executive Officer at VillageCare shared her support and excitement for the project stating that “this technology will be a monumental step towards improved health for the HIV/AIDS population in New York City. We are hopeful that this portal and app will dramatically improve medication adherence and overall life quality for HIV/AIDS patients in the city, making a much needed impact on the larger public health movement of controlling HIV/AIDS in the U.S.”

The project described is supported by Grant Number 1C1CMS331353-01-01 from the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The contents of this publication are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or any of its agencies.

Vitality Partners with Wellness Layers to Introduce Employer-Driven, Configurable Challenges

Vitality, together with Wellness Layers, recently launched a new challenges platform.

“Challenges are an igniter for a range of activities that sustain and increase engagement in our program,” said Alan Pollard, CEO, The Vitality Group. This enables us to offer our clients a flexible turnkey challenge platform that taps into their employees’ competitive instincts, desire for self-expression and achievement through healthy, fun participation in the workplace.”

The new Vitality challenges solution integrates the Wellness Layers Platform and its set of foundation social modules. The team-based challenges provide participants with fun step, activity and point team challenges, access to leaderboards to track their teams’ progress, discussion walls for participants to engage in conversations to drive friendly competition and customizable social profiles to share updates on their progress. The backend administrative functionality includes the ability for the employer to fully customize a variety of challenges, determine team sizes, the start and end dates, choose participants and prizes, download reports and send out notifications.


“The employees who participated in our challenge were excited to have a new way to engage with Vitality,” said Anna Garrison, Marketing Communications Coordinator, Rockford Orthopedic. “The challenge also introduced employees who hadn’t previously been active to Vitality. It created an excitement throughout the organization and gave the opportunity for co-workers to interact with different departments and office locations.”

“All change is emotional, and establishing new healthy habits is no exception,” said Amir Kishon, PhD, CEO of Wellness Layers. “The team-based element of Vitality challenges provides playful connectivity and the emotional aspect needed in order to create an environment conducive for long term behavior change. What sets this system apart from many other solutions is that for the first time, we’re offering Vitality clients complete, uncompromising control over designing and running their own local, wellness challenges. This provides a unique platform for self-expression at the employer level, making the challenges personalized to the organization itself.”