Vitality, a member of Discovery, Ltd., a global financial services organization offering an incentive-based wellness program to employers as part of their benefits program, partnered with Wellness Layers to release a revamped configurable challenges platform. Vitality encourages changes in lifestyle that reduce health care costs by rewarding members for addressing specific health issues, and the Wellness Layers platform is a vital player in reaching and engaging their members.


The new Vitality challenges solution integrates the Wellness Layers Platform and its set of foundation social modules. The team-based challenges provide participants with fun step, activity and point team challenges, with access to leaderboards to track their teams’ progress, discussion walls for participants to engage in conversations to drive friendly competition and customizable social profiles to share updates on their progress. The backend administrative functionality includes the ability for the employer to fully customize a variety of challenges, determine team sizes, the start and end dates, choose participants and prizes, download reports and send out notifications. Challenges enable employees to interact with different departments and office locations, further driving engagement.

All change is emotional and establishing new healthy habits is no exception. The team based element of challenges provides playful connectivity and the emotional aspect needed in order to create an environment conducive for long term behavior change. What sets this system apart from many other solutions is that the Wellness Layers Platform offers Vitality clients complete, uncompromising control over designing and running their own local, wellness challenges. This provides a unique platform for self-expression at the employer level, making the challenges personalized to the organization itself.



DaVita, a FORTUNE 500 company, is a provider of kidney care and dialysis services. The company operates and provides services at more than 2,000 outpatient centers across the United States. DaVita provides each of its patients with integrated treatment plans, personalized care teams and convenient health-management services.


Prior to partnering with Wellness Layers, DaVita had already established a social support portal. While many people were joining the community, it wasn’t engaging members on an ongoing basis or reaching the engagement level that the company felt it could achieve. The environment incorporated some aspects of social functionality including discussion forums, recipe reviews, “my story” pages, friends, recent discussions, profile views ticker and an activity feed. After assessing the environment and the usage of each of the applications, it was clear that the experience could be improved.

The main issues included:

  • Features were not specific to kidney conditions or meaningfully integrated with one another, which created siloes and a generic experience
  • There were no search filters which made finding fellow members difficult
  • The activity feeds supported only one content type each, further creating siloes and impeding the opportunity for a centralized, aggregate feed
  • Members were not notified about relevant activities within the site


Wellness Layers improved the functionality of the DaVita community site by customizing the Wellness Layers Platform specifically for DaVita to support people with kidney conditions.

The new myDaVita 2.0 included:

  • A new layout based on assessment data and Wellness Layers expertise with integrated Me-We-Info elements
  • New members and most active members feed
  • Newsfeeds for multiple types of news with indications of time of post, post type and image
  • A new profile page with sharing options specific to people with kidney conditions
  • Status updates with prompt to share feelings via emoticons
  • Privacy settings for each element of the profile page
  • Newsfeed preferences
  • Special interest teams

Overall, the new architecture was designed to guide and support members during their battle with kidney disease through a private and personalized online environment and community.


The site launched on time and on budget on June 2012. One day post launch, the DaVita team reported, “People are already interacting. It’s wonderful to see.” They were pleased with the collaboration, declaring “Wellness Layers is a great partner. The account team is so diligent, organized and easy to work with.”

Within the first week of launch, DaVita saw a record number of unique online users access the site, an increase of 400% from their previous record high. The community grew to over 100,000 members with daily activity of members seeking and providing support for home dialysis, critical decisions, and more.