Wellness Layers Launches Remedy, A New Cloud-Based Digital Therapeutics Platform

New Platform Simplifies the Creation of Digital Therapeutics Programs

On the eve of the Health 2.0 Fall Conference, Wellness Layers announces the launch of Remedy, its revamped and newly branded Digital Therapeutics Platform. The new platform aims to simplify the creation and dissemination of Digital Therapeutics programs for stakeholders across health and wellness.

“Developing Digital Therapeutics (DT) programs is widely considered to be expensive, time consuming and complex,” says Wellness Layers CEO, Amir Kishon “We decided to change that. Today we introduce a solution that allows practically anyone to rapidly, easily and cost effectively become a Digital Therapeutics Player.”

The cloud-based DT Platform can be white-labeled and tailored to address a range of needs, including condition management, behavior health, Medication Therapy Management (MTM), pre/post care, nutrition and fitness, employee wellness, medical device support and much more. The platform offers a complete digital framework for stakeholders to design their own programs and care plans, register their clinicians or coaches, and onboard patients immediately.

“We believe that there is a huge market of legacy stakeholders looking for a simple solution to bring their own clinical programs to the digital realm,” says Udi Goori, Chief Product Officer. “We created a simple Bring-Your-Own-Program, Bring-Your-Own-Clinician framework to address that, enabling complex programs to be scaled and rendered even more effectively.”

The web and mobile platform offers comprehensive Digital Therapeutics functionality. Clients can rapidly customize and launch DT programs using the robust Program Designer and Administrative Console. The platform enables clients to upload their own educational or media content, add trackers, sync wearables or medical devices, and create holistic care plans tailored to their users’ specific needs. The flexibility of the system and customization capabilities are practically endless.

On the user and clinician level, Remedy boasts an impressive array of tracking functionality for population and individual health management. This includes population health maps and alerts to guide coach interventions, as well as reports and longitudinal case management records for each user. Coaches can remind and motivate users to follow their care plans via push notifications and multi-channel messaging. Patients benefit from the consistent attention and clear care plan instructions.

Most noteworthy of Remedy’s new features is the addition of powerful chat, video and audio communication channels between users, guided groups and coaches. Patients now have 24/7 multi-channel access to their coach, leading to more precisely followed care plans and healthier decisions.


Today Remedy supports Digital Therapeutics projects for Medication Adherence, Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Management, Weight Loss and Employee Wellness. “We will be announcing additional relationships that focus on heart health, pain management and pregnancy in the coming months. We aim to continue expanding and to provide our clients with the best Digital Therapeutics technologies and ideas,” says Elad Levran, VP Clients at Wellness Layers.

Wellness Layers will be presenting a demo of Remedy at the Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara on Tuesday, September 26th as part of the Condition Management Session. Kishon hopes to utilize this opportunity to demonstrate the applicability and ease of DT for a range of health and wellness organizations.

“Digital Therapeutics should not be the coveted treasure of selected few digital players,” concludes Kishon. “We believe that digital capabilities should be provided to everyone. We aim to bring this comprehensive technology to the masses.”

We’d love to speak with you about how our Digital Therapeutics platform could improve your digital health and condition management programs. Get in touch with us and schedule a demo for more information! 


VillageCare Selects Wellness Layers as Partner in CMS Awarded Project

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation has awarded $8.7 million to VillageCare, a New York City community-based, not-for-profit organization that helps HIV/AIDS patients adhere to their medication in an efficient and personalized way. The project, called VillageCare Wellness Innovations, uses a mobile app designed to improve patient medication adherence and provide a support system for patients with HIV/AIDS. In all, VillageCare plans to recruit 5,000 patients who are living with HIV/AIDS in the New York City, Long Island, and Westchester areas, are Medicaid or Medicare beneficiaries, and are prescribed HIV medications. The project is set to go live in April 2015.

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Riding the Wellness Wave into the Mainstream: Video from H2.0 2014!

Watch the video here: http://www.health2con.com/tv/lunch-and-learn-riding-the-wellness-wave-into-the-mainstream-insights-and-innovations/

Diet-to-Go Partners with Wellness Layers to Launch a Diet-to-Go Web and Mobile, Social Weight Loss Portal with apps for iPhone and Android

Diet-to-Go, a nationwide producer of award-winning diet meals dietitian-formulated to promote natural weight loss, announced today its partnership with Wellness Layers and the launch of a new, Diet-to-Go, web and mobile social weight loss portal with integrated apps for iPhone and Android.

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Health Hub Wins Mobile App of the Year!

HTRAC’s Executive Technology Awards Gala (Held during the Annual HTRAC Council Meeting) is a celebration and recognition of Health IT leaders whose vision, innovation and remarkable accomplishments have improved efficiency, the delivery of government services, citizen engagement, information sharing, and national security.

Check out the winners here.

Understanding the Psychological Blocks in Medicine-Taking: How Pharma Can Help


Studies have shown that patients across all therapeutic areas, geographies, nationalities, levels of social status and any other variable, fail to take their medicines as prescribed. What this growing body of research cannot reveal, however, is how they might be persuaded to change their behaviour.

This white paper hones in on the psychological factors preventing patients from doing what the best medical evidence suggests and considers how pharma companies can help. After presenting a picture of the costs stemming from non-adherence that ricochet throughout healthcare, it looks at questions of trust in both the medical profession and the industry and how it is no-one’s specific responsibility to work with patients to understand their particular self-management challenges.

The mechanisms of adherence are then explored in terms of both intentional and non-intentional behaviour, the former being not only far more prevalent but also harder to address. Three core factors are revealed. One relates to questions of motivation, addressed by the psychological consultant to the Great Britain Olympic rowing team. Others relate to a person’s propensity to imagine the future, their general levels of defiance and their need for autonomy.

But perhaps most critical of all is that the factors affecting adherence are not exclusive to medicine-taking and secondly, that they revolve around patients understanding the need for medicines in terms that make sense to them. The collaborative efforts of both healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry to become more patient-centric could hardly be more timely.


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RediClinic Upgrades Weigh Forward, its Medically-Supervised Weight Management Program, with the Wellness Layers Connected Care Platform

Wellness Layers, a leading provider of health and wellness engagement portals, and RediClinic, the nation’s largest independent operator of retail-based convenient care clinics, today announced the launch of RediClinic’s redesigned Weigh Forward portal.

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RediClinic’s Connected Health Weight Loss Program Designed for Continuous Consumer Engagement

You cannot turn on the television or look at a newspaper today without being reminded of the obesity epidemic facing our nation. According to a CDC study, over 37% of U.S. adults are obese, while about 70% are overweight.

Obesity has been associated with certain chronic conditions such as diabetes (type 2), cardiovascular disease and stroke. Last summer, American Medical Association classified Obesity as a disease, and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute recently published guidelines recommending that primary care physicians provide obesity counseling to all patients with Body Mass Index over 25 (which classifies them as overweight).

Many Americans try to lose weight but do not have the tools or professional guidance to be successful. Most physicians don’t have the training or tools to provide a comprehensive weight management program in their practice, and sometimes refer patients to commercial programs that are not clinically supervised.

RediClinic has stepped in to help. “We have developed a medically supervised program which is not just about weight loss but about health management”, explains Danielle Barrera, Chief Operating Officer at RediClinic. “When we developed this program in 2009, we noticed that many programs on the market were missing critical elements of a successful weight management program, and did not incorporate healthcare professionals, who are well positioned to have a significant impact on their patients’ lifestyle and health decisions.”

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Nutrition-Focused Social Platform Provides Healthy Food Guidance and Cost Savings

In partnership with Guiding Stars and Wellness Layers, Premera Blue Cross has launched Serve it Up!™, a free, nutrition-focused social platform that helps people make healthier food choices at home and in the grocery store by “serving up” the most nutritious options first. The platform offers tools to build and share healthy shopping lists and recipes, coupons to lower food shopping costs and social engagement within the Serve it Up! community. Also available as a free mobile application, Serve it Up! is designed to help users make healthier food choices on the go. The Serve it Up! platform is available for license by other population wellness companies and is designed to complement and integrate with wellness incentive programs.

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Premera Blue Cross launches nutrition platform Serve it Up!

Premera Blue Cross has launched its nutrition-focused online platform and app, called Serve it Up!, in partnership with social platform maker Wellness Layers and nutrition guidance program Guiding Stars.

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