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           Personal Home Page


If you build it right, they will come


Nutrisystem is the one of the largest dieting and nutrition businesses in the world.  Since adopting the Wellness Layers Platform in 2007, they now also boast one of the nation’s largest online health-oriented communities. 


In 2006, Nutrisystem’s website already contained many of the features of the Wellness Layers platform – a meal planner, discussion boards, and some elements of community, yet traffic and activity on the site was not meeting their objectives.  They had not yet reached the critical mass they had hoped for to drive growth and increase customer acquisition and loyalty.


Wellness Layers approached the challenge by customizing each site part, (i.e., meal planners, social network, and content), specifically to Nutrisystem products and brand, and connecting the parts in a meaningful way. Our efforts translated into a dynamic, engaging environment specific to the Nutrisystem brand and program establishing a high-value relevant experience and destination to users.  Wellness Layers ported Nutrisystem’s offline nutritional program to an online environment, allowing their customers to track, plan, and order according to the specific Nutrisystem program and personalized recommendations.

We delivered the complete community suite – personal pages, blogs, discussion boards, friends, and chat fully customized to the brand – along with a host of personalized, health-related content such as personalized recommendations and rewards. The site transformed overnight from a host of different disjointed services to an integrated service that educates, empowers, and supports customers. In 2010 Wellness Layers unleashed a mobile app extension for Nutrisystem that provided consumers with a direct access to their online planner, programs and social information. This enabled Nutrisystem to provide a 360 degrees access to their program.


The result was an easy to navigate environment that supported the Nutrisystem experience. Within three months of launch, and without the slightest increase in marketing budget or strategy, activity in the discussion boards grew over 800%. Over time, Nutrisystem has grown into one of the largest health-oriented communities on the web, boasting millions of users, generating hundreds of thousands of posts per month in the discussion boards alone.

For more information or to request a demo from Wellness Layers, contact us.

             Social Health and Wellness Feed


Designed for daily engagement and support


DaVita, a FORTUNE 500 company, is a provider of kidney care and dialysis services. The company has more than 1,800 outpatient centers across the US, as well as inpatient dialysis in some 900 hospitals. DaVita provides each of its patients with integrated treatment plans, personalized care teams and convenient health-management services. DaVita’s major investors include Berkshire Hathaway and it is one of the top ranked kidney care companies in the United States.


Prior to partnering with Wellness Layers, DaVita had already established a social support portal. While many people were joining the community, it wasn’t engaging members on an ongoing basis or reaching the engagement level that the company felt it could achieve. The environment incorporated some aspects of social functionality including discussion forums, recipe reviews, “my story” pages, friends, recent discussions, profile views ticker and an activity feed. After assessing the environment and the usage of each of the applications, it was clear that the experience could be improved.

The following were some of the main issues:

  • The layout was box-like and most applications were sized the same on each page. Many applications also had the same design and formatting, making the page confusing to the eye and unclear where to focus first

  • There were several instances of duplicate functionality 

  • Features were not specific to kidney conditions or meaningfully integrated with one another, which created siloes and a generic experience 

  • There were no search filters which made finding fellow members difficult 

  • The activity feeds supported only one content type each, further creating siloes and impeding the opportunity for a centralized, aggregate feed 

  • Members were not notified when another member commented on their posts


Wellness Layers improved the functionality of the DaVita community site by customizing the Wellness Layers Platform specifically for DaVita to support people with kidney conditions.

The new myDaVita 2.0 includes:

  • A new layout based on assessment data and Wellness Layers expertise with integrated Me-We-Info elements 

  • New members and most active members feed

  • Newsfeeds for multiple types of news with indications of time of post, post type and image

  • A new profile page with sharing options specific to people with kidney conditions

  • Status updates with prompt to share feelings via emoticons

  • Privacy settings for each element of the profile page

  • Newsfeed preferences

  • Special interest teams

Overall, the new architecture is designed to guide and support members during their battle with kidney disease through a private and personalized online environment and community.


The site launched on time and on budget on 6/25/2012. One day post launch, the DaVita team reported, “People are already interacting. It’s wonderful to see.” They were pleased with the collaboration, declaring “Wellness Layers is a great partner. The account team is so diligent, organized and easy to work with.”

Within the first week of launch, DaVita saw a record number of unique online users access the site, an increase of 400% from their previous record high. Additional results data will be added to this case study as it is collected.

For more information or to request a demo from Wellness Layers, contact us.

       My Personal Plan


The engaged user is a prime consumer


Medifast is a direct-to-consumer weight management company, providing their customers with Medifast branded foods and a dynamic weight loss program. 

Prior to adopting the Wellness Layers platform, Medifast had developed a small community utilizing only a limited feature set, and was interested in developing an online component for their weight loss program.


The Medifast site was not only experiencing limited traffic, but also producing only a small impact on sales.  Medifast needed an online environment to support their multi-faceted, multi-phased weight loss program which would require deep customization.


Wellness Layers utilized the Me-We-Info Formula to create an environment that engaged users with progress-oriented blogs and a Medifast personal nutrition planner, an expansive set of community features, and a host of health and nutrition-focused informational content. 

The goal was not only to increase user acquisition and retention, but also to produce a greater impact on sales with community engagement.  Wellness Layers adapted its core meal planner application to provide a simple and intuitive interface for following the Medifast Plan. 

The Medifast Meal Planner is personalized to every user, providing feedback and guidance according to the user’s weight, weight goals, physical activity level, and nutritional intake.


In the first few months following launch, site activity increased by over 1,000%, with markedly higher return rates with over 65% of users returning on a weekly basis.

Community engagement proved to have a major impact on sales. Among community users, the number of orders grew more than a hundredfold – a positive sales growth that was unprecedented prior to launching a Wellness Layers system. Customer lifetime value also grew providing further evidence that not only does engagement significantly increase but also business. 

The Medifast Meal Planner has been a great success with users.  In the first few months, over 80% of visitors utilized the plan.  In a May survey, 88% of users reported that was “helpful” or “very helpful” in reaching their goals.

For more information or to request a demo from Wellness Layers, contact us.

  Dynamic Channel Navigator

 Personal Page


The Birth of the Social Hospital - Creating a Personalized Experience


PinnacleHealth System is a leading provider of healthcare services based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. With 600 beds and 3 hospitals, the non-for-profit organization is the largest hospital system in Central PA. PinnacleHealth offers a multitude of specialty departments from pregnancy and childbirth to back and spinal care. It is well known for its cutting edge procedures, top-of-the-line services and a friendly and caring on-site environment.


Like most hospital websites today, PinnacleHealth's site was organized based on its information. The result was a static, brochure-like format rather than a dynamic, actionable and patient-centric online destination. Site visitors were required to sift through information and search results for desired content. Furthermore, there were no outlets for online support for patients or any social media architecture in place. Eventually, the web and marketing teams felt they could create a more functional and meaningful experience with a new online architecture. PinnacleHealth's vision was to provide existing and prospective patients with a relevant and functional environment that was both practical as well as highly personal to each patient's needs. This sparked the decision to partner with Wellness Layers to increase overall engagement, patient satisfaction and new patient acquisition, as well as meet meaningful use requirements.


To transform the site into a multi-functional patient-centric destination, and to meet meaningful use requirements for Stage 1 and prospectively for Stages 2 and 3, we utilized our integrated approach to patient engagement known as Me-We-Info. This unique three-layer formula engages the patient on three levels:

  • me - Access to personal health records and selected hospital information systems coupled with personalized services, plans, incentives, and apps to empower users
  • we - Consolidated social media architecture with a hospital-wide social support network
  • info - Personalized and actionable content via feeds

Through our solution, the PinnacleHealth website became more than just a source of information; it became a true extension of the hospital system's mission to meet each individual's healthcare needs. Right at the onset of entering the site at the homepage, patients are prompted to describe their care needs. Patients can quickly input their specific interests and the site will automatically update to provide them with only relevant information and calls-to-action for their specific needs. Key service lines have department-specific micro-sites featuring the services, care professionals, search, and social feeds specific to the department. Expectant mothers, for example, can now select to make the Pregnancy & Childbirth micro-site as their PinnacleHealth homepage. From there, they can interact with other expectant mothers and staff, see the recommendations for OBGYNs, and receive up-to-date and relevant information about prenatal and neonatal care, depending on the stage of pregnancy.

Visitors to the PinnacleHealth website are now able to do the following:

  • Build a personal profile, access personal medical records and manage personal information like "my calendar", "my articles", "my notes", and "my doctors". This layer also offers a multitude of online services from ordering flowers at the hospital shop to finding out the status of a specific operation. (Me Layer) 
  • Share experiences and seek support and answers from PinnacleHealth staff within the community. Patients are able to interact via department and interest-specific discussion boards, send messages, and recommend doctors. The site also integrates all of the hospital’s social feeds including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the internal community into one consolidated feed that can be further filtered based on the patient's interests. (We Layer) 
  • Receive relevant information feeds per specific care needs and interests. The flow of information is customized according to personal profiles, preferences, interests and location. (Info Layer) 


A one year comparative analysis was conducted to measure the effectiveness of the new site vs. the previous site using Google analytics data and other measurements. The results showed improvements across the board, in each category measured including:

  • Web referrals (increased 88%)
  • Site visits (increased by 28%)
  • Online donations (increased 69%)
  • Access via a mobile device (increased by 176%)

The PinnacleHealth web environment was recognized by the Strategic Healthcare Communications, receiving three eHEALTHCARE LEADERSHIP 2012 awards:

  • Platinum award - Best Overall Internet Site
  • Gold award - Best Site Design
  • Gold award - Best Doctor Directory 

As well as three eHEALTHCARE LEADERSHIP 2013 awards:

  • Silver award - Best Interactive Site
  • Silver award - Best Doctor Directory
  • Honorable Mention/Distinction – Best Overall Internet Site

In addition to a 2013 Web Health Award for PinnacleHealth's Pregnancy & Childbirth Microsite.


 For more information or to request a demo from Wellness Layers, contact us.

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