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Work Out World Launches a Gym 2.0 Member and Trainer Social Fitness Portal Powered by Wellness Layers

 Work Out World Launches New Portal with Wellness Layers

Work Out World Launches a Gym 2.0 Member and Trainer Social Fitness Portal Powered by Wellness Layers

New York, NY - Wellness Layers, Inc., a leading provider of online and mobile health and wellness community portals, and Work Out World, a 10 club New Jersey based fitness club chain, today announced the public beta release of an integrated, goal oriented member and trainer social fitness portal.

The Fitness Edition of Wellness Layers Platform was designed based on a recent study conducted by Wellness Layers which asked fitness club members what they would like from their fitness club in an online and mobile environment. The three most desired features indicated by members included: Applications to help them reach their fitness goals, schedules and timely club information and updates, and connectivity with other members and trainers. Wellness Layers’ goal was to combine all three elements in the most fun and meaningful way to extend the Work Out World experience and increase member satisfaction, acquisition and retention.

The personal application layer of the portal includes fitness and nutrition planners, trackers and reporting to help members track and plan their personal fitness progress. A stand-out feature is the goal tracker which allows members to set, track, and achieve their personal fitness goals.

The social support layer offers social networking services designed to access the different triggers which motivate people to increase physical activity. The goal tracker mentioned above, for example, allows members to connect with other members with the same goal, as well prompts members who have achieved the goal to provide tips as to how they did it. There is specific functionality for members to connect with their personal trainers, allowing trainers to message their trainees, monitor progress, and set up training sessions. The solution also offers a comprehensive social platform that has been customized for fitness clubs that includes friends and friends’ fitness newsfeeds, blogs and photo galleries, special interest teams, game dynamics with badges among many other online services.

Work Out World Club schedules, alerts, events, promotions and activities are available within the portal and can be disseminated to members locally and in real-time via feeds and messaging. The next phase of the portal will include accessibility via mobile apps. 

"WoW is pleased to provide our members and the New Jersey community with a highly engaging web and mobile fitness environment that better serves their needs," said Stephen S. Roma, of WoW Work Out World. "WoW’s mission is to KEEP JERSEY STRONG with the best facilities, trainers, services and programs, and we are glad to add to the mix the strongest online social fitness service. We hope to continue supporting the fitness goals of our community for years to come in partnership with Wellness Layers."

“The WoW portal is using the best of what social and the web can provide, totally customized to support the fitness experience. It has been an exciting journey from inception to completion and we cannot wait to see the results of people successfully achieving their fitness goals while using our customized online solution designed for WoW,” said Amir Kishon, Chairman and CEO of Wellness Layers.

 The Threefold Path to Patient Engagement – Part 3: Right Apps

by Amir Kishon, Ph.D., Chairman & CEO

The Right Apps Checklist

In order to design the right apps we need to focus on making our apps meaningful. The little tools and trackers you may find that many websites do not represent any significant value to users. For example, calculating BMI is easy and consequently most sites that discuss nutrition will include a BMI Calculator even though such “tools” are not meaningful to users.

Based on our experience, users are looking for apps that hold their hands, so to speak, while walking them through their journey. We identify the following characteristics for the right apps:

1. We are living in a “Me” centered world and our apps should provide users with highly personalized plans. Such plans include personalized assessment, goals, reports and adjustments. This fills the fundamental need to “help me achieve my goals”.

2. The plan should be meaningfully connected to the actual treatment, product or service. Many companies realize that they need a plan but they drop the ball by providing plans that are not meaningfully connected to their products or services and by that limiting the value of their apps. For example, a diet company that just offers a generic “meal plan” tool would lose their clients. There are hundreds of meal planning tools out there, why would clients find value with yet another one? What clients are looking for is a planner that is not only simple and easy to use, but also will educate them on how to use the products and services to achieve their goals.
3. This is a journey and journeys take time. Consequently, offering a tool that offers a one time analysis or plan without actually walking the walk and accompanying the user on an ongoing basis through his or her journey would stop short of proving long term value.

4. Did I mention that such plan should be simple and fun? We are lazy and some of us are not rocket scientists, so we need our plan to be simple to understand, engaging and fun to use. This is obvious.

5. Finally, we have legs and they take us to places. The app should be there wherever we need it. Smart phones and iPads come to the rescue.

To recap, the right apps checklist includes:

#1: Offering personalized assessment, goals, planners and trackers

#2: Connecting the plan to the actual treatment, services or products in a meaningful way

#3: Offering continuous guidance over time

#4: Making it simple and fun 

#5: Offering accessibility everywhere

So we have conquered the app frontier, are we done? Based on our experience, you need one more ingredient to cook a great dish. Next time: Right Content.

The Threefold Path to Patient Engagement – Part 4: Right Content

 Meet Us @ 

Health 2.0 San Francisco  
Set a meeting with us at the conference in San Francisco, CA 
September 25-27, 2011

Lucy Reynales, Director of Sales and Marketing, will be presenting at the Health 2.0 Conference on Monday, September 26, 2011 at 2:40 - 3:30 p.m. PST.
During the presentation scheduled in the "Birds of a Feather: A Look at Communities" session, Ms. Reynales will present the need for specific health and wellness 2.0 social architectures for the different care areas within health and wellness and provide examples of how social community functionality should vary greatly depending on the needs of the patient or consumer for different stakeholders. The client examples to be shared include social grocery shopping, social support for patients within hospitals, social fitness with member and trainer interaction, and social dieting. 
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