Condition Managment

Condition Management

This edition is designed to support patients with long term conditions and comorbidities

Connect all stakeholders

The platform consists of a patient-facing app, a Coach Console to manage, monitor and guide patients, and an Administrative Console for patient, coach and plan management. This triad allows for the customization of care plans per condition/comorbidity, per patient, with appropriate and efficient coach intervention.

Plan, Track, Guide

Through the use of this HIPAA compliant collaborative platform, coaches are able to set health goals for their patients, along with assigning a customized plan with condition-based trackers. The platform supports a robust suite of trackers, all capable of integration with devices, wearables and EMR data. The coach can monitor the patient’s activity log, populated with health data tracking, and can intervene appropriately in order to change behavior, prevent adverse health events or ER readmission. The system also is capable of sending automatic alerts to coaches and patients based upon pre-configured parameters, ie. high blood glucose readings. Anonymous patient groups are an available feature so that HCPs and coaches can effectively monitor and educate a large group of patients with the same condition at once, scaling the solution for larger populations.