Nutrition & Wellness

Nutrition & Wellness

The Wellness Layers Nutrition & Fitness Edition is designed for diet, supplement, nutrition, or fitness programs and companies. It is also a complementary addition to any wellness or population health program.

Embed your wellness philosophy within a suite of personal planners and trackers

This Edition features our meal and fitness planners. Wellness Layers will customize the built-in trackers to include our clients’ products, devices, services, protocols and content. The full-featured meal planner includes meal plans, assessments and recommendations, phased diets, meal replacements, smart search, featured products, recipes, nutrient breakdown, allergies/food preferences and goal setting and tracking for calories, carbs, proteins, fats, water, weight, body measurements and BMI. The meal planner is integrated with our comprehensive fitness planner to provide a calorie balance based on calories burned. The fitness planner showcases personalized fitness plans according to fitness level and days of the week, with activity tracking, workout recommendations, and personal device integration to feed in steps, sleep, weight, heart rate, mapped walks/runs/bike rides, etc. and minutes exercised. Members are able to view progress over time for both planners.

Maximize engagement with a goal-focused social support network

No digital nutrition or fitness solution is complete without a social support network to keep members on track and motivated.

The social layer offers comprehensive social features including online profile pages, support groups, blogs, photo galleries, game dynamics with points and badges, real time alerts, discussion forums and rich media update feeds. There is also the option for members to connect with their diet coaches or personal trainers, allowing staff to message their members, monitor progress, and set up appointments/sessions.

Show progress over time to measure success

The more information members have at their fingertips, the better they can manage their nutrition and diet. Our trackers don’t just stop at meal and exercise planning. We have a vast library of trackers that includes water, weight, body measurements, nutrients, vitals, A1C, blood glucose, blood pressure, BMI, and before and after photo logs. All the trackers and planners store progress and allow members and coaches to view progress overtime, along with behavior correlation.

Connect with social media

Most importantly, our clients can leverage organic testimonials for marketing programs, product launches, and promotions, as well as identify product champions and voice of their members to share high satisfaction, use, and efficacy of their products and services.

Group structure

Groups and teams allow members to connect with one another with the same goals and interests. Health coaches monitor and lead these groups, stirring engagement by posting questions on the discussion board or sending dynamic bits of content to an entire group. Within groups, users can post announcements or photos of their progress, start discussions to guide and support other members, and share tips on how to achieve goals. Groups can also participate in special challenges, plans and activities pertaining to the group’s interest. Groups may be local, providing users from a single city or state with a way to organize online meet-ups. Groups may also be private.