Pre / Post Care

Pre / Post Care

The Wellness Layers Platform is designed for providers of care to extend and support any pre/post care or treatment plan.

Monitor patient activity and provide encouragement with one click

The patient mobile app feeds the patient with a weekly, personalized care plans and discussion threads from support groups and clinician/coach/automated system guidance. The clinicians have a separate, mobile responsive web interface to assign calls-to-action, content, and trackers, review activity, monitor progress and provide encouragement to the patients with one simple click.

Set up devices, trackers and goals your way

The goal milestones, trackers and personal device options are set up according to your program. The Wellness Layers Platform is flexible to support any device and has over 25 trackers to choose from, including general wellness (e.g. water, BMI, steps, heart rate, etc.), to condition specific (e.g. diabetes, asthma, CKD, COPD, HIV/AIDs, and others). Data from the devices automatically feeds into the patient app and is tracked against the goals and milestones according to your program.

Scale your programs to support more patients and ease clinician workload

Once Wellness Layers sets up the platform according to your treatment plans, your clinicians will be able to select from the pre-set plans and adjust them as needed for their groups and individual patients. With this streamlined, feed-based and configurable model, one clinician is able to comfortably monitor and provide encouraging support for hundreds of patients. Additionally, the platform supports automated alerts and plans pushed out to patients based upon health assessment stratification, further allowing for extreme scalability.

Incorporate labs, HRA, EMR, SMS and scheduling systems

The Wellness Layers Connected Care Platform is structured with the flexibility to standalone or connect with other systems. White-labeling and regionalization with data separation are also available.

Implementation example

The RediClinic Weigh Forward site and app is a customized example of the Connected Care Edition and is available for license by certified care providers.

Simple patient interface for pre/post visit support


Patients enroll, complete assessments and prepare for a visit, all within the comfort of their homes or upon arrival to the clinic. A complete medical history is captured.

Personalized action plans feed into the patient


Based on data gathered, the system provides recommended programs and plans for each patient. The personalized plan and programming is embedded within the planner comprised of a suite of interconnected applications including an action-triggered checklist, goals and barriers to bust, meal planning and tracking, fitness and weight tracking, instructional videos, recipes and articles, bi-directional communication with the clinician and progress graphs. These features facilitate pre-visit, during the exam and at home education, all relevant to the patient, which engages the patient in ‘teach-back’ and confirmation of care instructions.

Clinicians manage their workflow and interact with patients via the clinician console


The clinician console boasts a flexible management system that allows clinicians to easily schedule appointments, collect payment, and manage patient accounts. The back-office supports multiple locations, training, messaging and varying levels of admin permissions.


Patients and clinicians connect with each other in a member-only, social support community


The patient/clinician community includes profile pages, groups, status updates, badges, comments, photo feeds, messaging, Q&A, and discussion forums.

These capabilities are complimented with mobile connectivity for ubiquitous access.