RMDY + 02 Clinic at Hadassah Hospital are in the news!

Check out RMDY’s debut on Israel’s primary news channel!


Dr. Horesh from Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital shares with viewers how Remedy is helping him revolutionize the medical field. Dr. Horesh’s O2 Digital Center specializes in heart disease and chronic illness.

O2 Digital’s professional team provides 24-hour support for patients and is comprised of physiologists, nutritionists, physical therapists and personal coaches. The team reviews the data their patients report on the app and uses Remedy to detect changes in patient measurements for immediate intervention. Using Remedy, the O2 team can optimize patients’ medical treatment, nutrition and activity level as well as encourage behavioral changes.

Jill, a patient who underwent heart angioplasty a year ago, happily reports: “The app enables continuous follow up on a patient without them having to come in physically all the time [to the clinic].”

By seeing a patient’s real-time data and intervening, Dr. Horesh explains, “we can prevent the patient’s next heart attack.”

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