Vitality Partners with Wellness Layers to Introduce Employer-Driven, Configurable Challenges

Vitality, together with Wellness Layers, recently launched a new challenges platform.

“Challenges are an igniter for a range of activities that sustain and increase engagement in our program,” said Alan Pollard, CEO, The Vitality Group. This enables us to offer our clients a flexible turnkey challenge platform that taps into their employees’ competitive instincts, desire for self-expression and achievement through healthy, fun participation in the workplace.”

The new Vitality challenges solution integrates the Wellness Layers Platform and its set of foundation social modules. The team-based challenges provide participants with fun step, activity and point team challenges, access to leaderboards to track their teams’ progress, discussion walls for participants to engage in conversations to drive friendly competition and customizable social profiles to share updates on their progress. The backend administrative functionality includes the ability for the employer to fully customize a variety of challenges, determine team sizes, the start and end dates, choose participants and prizes, download reports and send out notifications.


“The employees who participated in our challenge were excited to have a new way to engage with Vitality,” said Anna Garrison, Marketing Communications Coordinator, Rockford Orthopedic. “The challenge also introduced employees who hadn’t previously been active to Vitality. It created an excitement throughout the organization and gave the opportunity for co-workers to interact with different departments and office locations.”

“All change is emotional, and establishing new healthy habits is no exception,” said Amir Kishon, PhD, CEO of Wellness Layers. “The team-based element of Vitality challenges provides playful connectivity and the emotional aspect needed in order to create an environment conducive for long term behavior change. What sets this system apart from many other solutions is that for the first time, we’re offering Vitality clients complete, uncompromising control over designing and running their own local, wellness challenges. This provides a unique platform for self-expression at the employer level, making the challenges personalized to the organization itself.”


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