Wellness Layers’ Remedy Achieves Groundbreaking Results in Medtronic’s Turning Point Diabetes Management Program

Wellness Layers’ RMDY is proud to be the Digital Therapeutics technology behind Turning Point, a digital diabetes management program developed by Medtronic. The program enables stakeholders to monitor patient adherence, give patients care instructions and digitally support their routines.

As reported by Medtronic, here, an initial Turning Point study showed groundbreaking results: in just the first three months, participants achieved an average reduction of 2% in A1C levels, with improvements observed across 83% of the participants.

Turning Point’s success reflects the importance and impact that Digital Therapeutics has in healthcare’s migration into the digital world. Patients use a Medtronic mobile app and are assigned a one-on-one health partner who guides them through doctor recommended care plans, monitors their progress, and provides real time intervention. Program participants sync their blood glucose device to Remedy’s mobile app, receive medication reminders, report daily activities and meals, enjoy personalized patient information and stay in continuous contact with their health coaches. Turning Point’s coaches can effectively track patient progress and communicate with patients using Remedy’s coaching platform.

“We are very proud of RMDY’s role in Turning Point’s extraordinary results,” gushed CEO Amir Kishon. “Our platform was designed for rapid and effective development of digital health programs and we are thrilled to see Remedy play a significant role in pushing Diabetes Care forward. We believe that Digital Therapeutics technologies should be readily available to anyone interested in caring for conditions and are looking forward to reaching more and more patients and care providers in 2017.”


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